Solbakken was started in January of 2014 to find sustainable, local, and appropriate solutions for water/power issues along the Thai-Burma border and inside Burma. The projects fall within the categories of water access, water filtration, and renewable energy access. Solbakken puts a strong emphasis on local employment and education. Along with a system installments, Solbakken provides training to educate the recipients on the system maintenance. As opposed to approaching a community to solve a problem that we see, we are approached to solve a problem the community sees. The solutions found all utilize either sustainable technologies or renewable resources.


We envision a world where rural communities along the Thai/Burma border and communities within Burma have access to clean drinking water and electricity.


We work to improve the level of individual, family, and community health and livelihood for the migrant community along the Thai/Burma border and communities within Burma. By providing basic utilities to schools, training centers, and community centers, the educational environment for school aged children will be greatly enhanced and communities’ livelihood vastly improved allowing for a better educational, economic, and healthy future for the local people.