Hoi Nam Yen village is nestled in the mountains of Thailand and is home to more than 600 villagers who live primarily as farmers.  During the hot season of March – June, when the temperature routinely rises above 40˚ C (104˚ F), there is a serious lack of water.  

By working with the local Buddhist Monastery, Catholic church, Thai government, village leaders, and EDF (a French power company) we were able to bring water from a spring 1.5 km away to the village. 

We used a solar pump that is automatically regulated by the controller to lift the water the required 80 meters to the water storage tanks.  Civil works included constructing a spring box, pump house, two water storage platforms, nine pipe junction boxes, six water access tap points, and over 2 km of piping. 

We also brought water to the local Buddhist temple on top of the mountain and the village school.